Heritage Matters Magazine Autumn 2019
The Ontario Heritage Trust publishes a bi-annual magazine to both celebrate and highlight the different initiatives the Government agency undertakes year-round. In this edition — Rethinking, revitalizing, and renewing heritage buildings, preserving land endangered species as well as acknowledging the different communities that lived and still live in these historic sites.
Stella Artois Package Design Concept
The New York based ad agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, reached out to me to do some custom illustrations for their client Stella Artois. Every year Stella Artois teams up with Water.org with the goal of ending the global water crisis. Each year they would pick 3 countries around the world that are facing water shortage and have an artist from each of those countries create custom artwork for the Chalice's that will represent that nation for that year. 1 Chalice sold equals 5 years of clean water. I was selected to do artwork for Tanzania's Chalice for the year 2018. Unfortunately, things fell through at the last stage and they had to pull the plug.
Street Voices Magazine
Coppinwood Golf Course and Clubhouse
While working at B Company Design, Coppinwood asked us to design an entire brand system for a high-end golf course that was still under construction. The challenge was to communicate articulately to top-tier potential members the unrealized ultimate golf experience. We also needed to highlight that this particular course was designed by the award-winning Tom Fazio. He was the architect of this and more than 125 courses that have won countless awards, including an unprecedented one-year sweep of Best New Public, Private, and Resort Course in Golf Digest's rankings.
Aastra Technologies Annual Report
B Company Design had been revising and updating Aastra Technologies Limited for a few years. But for this particular project, we felt it necessary that they completely revise their aesthetics and branding to reflect their new business direction.
Return of King - Arnold Palmer's 50th Anniversary
In 2005 Arnold Palmer was due to return to Toronto's Weston Golf & Country Club to mark the 50th anniversary of his first professional win in the Canadian Open in 1955. While working at B Company Design we were tasked with the branding and promoting of this particular celebratory event. I created the custom logo, and a special limited edition metallic print with gold foil inlay poster. The poster was then hand signed by the King himself and donated to the volunteers of that tournament.
Ideas and Innovations Fund
I was approached by my co-workers to work on the new promotional material for the previous year’s Ideas and Innovation Fund (IF...) campaign. 2018 IF... campaign was the most successful to date. • I ended up winning an Excelsior Award which celebrates Excellence in Teamwork • More than 50% of Ministry of the Attorney General's staff engaged with the platform • Ideas emerged from every MAG division • Staff based in 26 locations across all 7 of MAG’s geographical regions submitted ideas • It was one of the Top 10 pages on the InsideOPS platform • IF… generated 67% of the visits to MAG’s pages on InsideOPS
Ontario Juror Orientation Handbook
Court Services Division Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General asked me to put together the latest Juror's handbook.
Community Justice Centre
The Criminal Law Division (a branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General) came to me to help them with articulating their design needs for a Community Justice Centres program and initiative. Overall the project was so successful that I ended up garnering an Excelsior Award which celebrates Excellence in Teamwork for Community Justice Centres project.
Janet Metcalfe Mavericks Public School
I was commissioned to illustrate a mascot for a new public school in the Kitchener / Waterloo region.
Original Grooming Experts
Logo and branding for a high-end Toronto based, all men's grooming salon.
MAG Courts and Prisons Map
Ministry of the Attorney General Maps linking courts to their correctional centres.
Winkler Institute Report
While working at the Ministry of the Attorney General I was asked to help put together the following research report done in conjunction with the Winkler Institute.
Ministry of the Attorney General Operational Plan
The goal was to turn a very important document into something that is memorable and worthy of holding onto. This being one of the first important pieces that was going to be handed out to other branches and ministries... It ended up being a great opportunity to start setting the tone for brand consistency for the Innovation Office. Custom illustrated icons really helped bring it to life and focus in on key messages.
MAG Reverse Trade Show Banner
Pull-up banner display
Ministry of the Attorney General Christmas Card
I created this Christmas card last year, catered specifically for our Ministry of the Attorney General's Innovation's office... Still relevant this year and probably the following years to come.
Ministry of the Attorney General Court & Office Posters
Ministry of the Attorney General Court and Office posters promoting new initiatives being launched.
One Vision One Voice - An OACAS Document
I was asked by Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies to help them put together a research document that was very near and dear to them.
MODO - Modern Downtown Living
Orange Bazooka Design Agency asked me to help them put together a website for a Condo/Town Home developer.
Celtel Airport Billboard
While working as an Art Director at ZK McCann Advertising, Tanzania, I was asked to put together a "welcome" billboard for Celtel. The billboard was located right in front as you drove out of the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania, East Africa. Followed by another one at the Kilimanjaro International Airport. The lack of resources and specific talent was one challenge, but the entire project was due in 2 days. We were starting from scratch and it was after 5pm when they came to me with the brief. We had to find & hire models, I had to photograph, edit and put together the entire project. Working in Tanzania at that time was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. The saying "there's no hurry in Africa" definitely did not apply on this project.
The Ridge at Manitou Stationery
The Ridge at Manitou's golf course was designed by Thomas McBroom, the course is hewn out of the Canadian Shield and flows through rock, forest, and meadowland. www.ridgeatmanitou.com
Devil's Pulpit Golf Association Calendar
While working at B Company Design, Devil’s Pulpit Golf Association... A prestigious and world renowned golf course in the Toronto area, asked us to produce an annual calendar highlighting the golf course and what sets them apart from the rest of the world. We accomplished this with the help of the most passionate and talented individuals that were best suited to delivering the story and philosophy of a world class golf course that is both the Devil’s Pulpit and Devil’s Paintbrush.
Dell Computers Customer & Business Monthly Catalogues
While working at DDB Canada I was tasked with the print production and designing of all Dell's promotional material.
While working with Co-op Advertising I was responsible for all the design and production for Midas' print needs nation wide until the company expanded.
The Bahamas Investment Brochure
The Bahamas Investments industry reached out to B Company to help with their branding and design. We were happy to help.
Custom Wedding Initials
Wedding initials and invitations.
The Famous Coffee Shop and Diner
While some venues in the Casino Niagara were still underconstruction B Company Design was tasked with the branding of a 1940's style American diner. After diving into the era and it's interesting history, we made sure to customize the entire brand experience of the restaurant. From the script typeface of the logo, to the menu, to the large scale airplane circling the globe hanging in the middle of the restaurant.
Falling Backwards Album Cover
Mike Celia came to me looking for original artwork and design for his latest album. What made this project successful and exciting to work on was the mutual trust and respect for the creative process, without any preset notions of the finished product.
Toronto School of Art
Toronto School of Art needed to update their annual calendar.
Cadillac Fairview
Part of a team of designers that refined and typeset, a retail leasing portfolio for Cadillac Fairview’s potential retailers while working at Pylon Design.
Marky's BBQ Smokehouse
Marky asked me to help him brand his smokehouse restaurant. I collaborated with him in creating his logo and all promotional material for Marky's BBQ Restaurant located in the heart of Toronto.
Ratchet&Class - 2nd Movement Mixtape
After a studio session with Ratchet & Class and watching how they put together their music live, custom instrument after custom instrument, vocal by vocal... It was easy to get Inspired.
B Company Design was asked to help brand a new clothing label that caters to a younger more fashion conscious market. A small budget with ambitious goals were both a challenge and great way to experiment fresh ideas for this project. Since custom photography was out of their budget at the time, I ended up doing custom illustrations to both model and show their shirts.
Meta and the Cornerstones
Meta and the Cornerstones who are based out of New York, came to me to help them design their debut album artwork and miscellaneous promotional material.
Amoi Magazine
Every so often the team behind the successful Amoi Magazine will request my help with some of the layouts for their magazine.
Catalyst Dance Company's 5th Element
Branding and design for their theatre show which included a logo, promotional material and some art directing of the photo-shoot. The goal for this project was to highlight the "element", energy and strengths of the individual dancers.
The Chixtape II
Toronto emcee Erik Flowchild came to me to help him put together his Mixtape album cover.
OnPoint Interactive
OnPoint is a mobile marketing company based out of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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